Room 209, the ‘haunted’ room, but also me being a responsible adult

Room 209 was mysteriously unlocked today me n my friend were sword fighting up and down the hallway (it’s a long story) and she was a coward and ran away while trying to escape my awesome fencing skills and she tried the door and it was unlocked. And here’s the thing, the whole building has been switched over to heat, but inside room 209 it was cold and smelled like wet paint (hmmm…)
backstory to the sword fighting: my residence hall party was tonight (called coffee, tea, and thee) and they had fire pits outside and smores stuff like marshmallows and chocolate and graham crackers ridiculously long marshmallow roasting sticks and I swear as responsible adults we felt obligated to sword fight
wow my stream of consciousness is not well edited, I’ll come back and edit this post later so it makes sense maybe

More Adventures and Conspiracy theories

At the hall party yesterday, we all gathered at the local cafe and played the ‘get to know you’ ice breaker questions.

At this party:

-“Zanna”, the nickname one of my good friends and neighbor gave me caught on, and now my entire hall is calling me that. I’m really happy, because I’ve always wanted a special nickname and I think Zanna is an adorable and affectionate short version of my name. It’s very sweet.

-We discussed my dorm building’s strange phenomena which many believe is a ghost, dubbed the “Caldwell ghost”. The strange phenomena includes:

>Posters and stuff falling off of walls at weird angles for no reason. Could be Mississippi humidity, or our terrible command strips, but also maybe not
>A fire alarm going off for no reason at 1 in the morning (see previous post for more deets)
>In the bathroom the paper towel sensors also go off at strange times
> When we moved in, our wifi was out. Maintenance dude came and fixed it. Wifi went out again. We are in room 210 and we currently are mooching off of room 209’s wifi.
>The thing is, I thought my friend Mia was in 209, but today I found out she’s actually in 208, and we don’t have anyone in 209, and we hear furniture moving around in there at weird hours of the night. It might be the people above us on the third floor. It also might not be.
>Someone mentioned the “Caldwell ghost” at the party. I had already noticed the strange stuff going on, but I had always figured it was just me watching too much buzzfeed unsolved and my over active imagination filling in the gaps. The thing is, I didn’t say anything to bring it up at the party, which means other people are noticing stuff like that on their own and it’s not just me going crazy.
>People on my hall have reported waking up in the morning and noticing bruises but they don’t remember how or when they got them. I myself woke up one morning to find a bruise in a short but perfect line down the part of my leg above my knee, and on a different occasion I found two more smaller ones (but they weren’t line ones, just normal blotches)
          It’s all a little freaky but the thing I really wish was that I didn’t have such an absentee roommate. I love my roomie to pieces, but Demi lives in the area and goes home to sleep at her house over weekends. And it’s not like I can drive 6 hrs to get home anytime I get freaked out. But I did have fun meeting my hall mates, and they told me that I could visit them anytime I feel lonely, homesick, or just scared of the ghost lol. I think I’m just going to chalk all strange occurrences around campus as just a part of living in the deep SouthTM
Adventure #6: I was video calling with my high school friends to combat homesickness one night, when Demi comes in from work and goes “They’re watching Voltron in the lobby.” And being the curious lil kitten and the Voltron lover I am, I go down, promising to be right back in a few minutes. But the sophomores in the lobby were watching the best episode ever, the space mall one, so of course it was a crime to not watch the space mall episode. Then I get invited on the spot to join these particular sophomores to join their unofficial underground movie club. I accept, and when I get back I realize that I hadn’t muted my computer, and my friends from home were getting acquainted and swapping stories about me with Demi. Sigh.
Adventure #7: Today I ate lunch with the sophomores I hang with sometimes now, and they told me that at the campus connections fair (where you sign up for clubs), apparently there was this one dude who just had people sign up on a sheet to join his club, but you wouldn’t know what it was until you signed up, and they signed up and they still don’t know what it was (probably a joke) but he got the most people signed up out of any club and one professor even offered to get prizes for the club and I’m a little bummed that I didn’t know about this until it was too late. A lot of the tables had candy spilled out over them to entice students to come over, and his had a bunch of starbursts arranged in the shape of a question mark.

Apparently his only argument for convincing people to join was “you won’t know what it is if you don’t sign up”
And today in my algebra class, someone sneezed, and then someone else said “Bless choo” and I realize I cannot escape the pun revolution no matter where I go, even into the dreaded math class. I am afraid. The punvolution, if you will. Help me, I cannot escape it even in my head. It may be too late for me, but save yourselves!

College Adventures update, and also, the blog is back in business, yay!

I only moved in to my college dorm and my life as a freshman a few days ago, and already I’ve come to enjoy the surreal freedom to do whatever for no reason.


Here are some (but not even close to all) examples and adventures I’ve been through over the past week.


Adventure #1


My building’s fire alarm went off, someone set it off by accident at 1 am last night and it was awful. My roommate sleeps like a rock, and with headphones on and so I had to practically scream and slap her awake. It wasn’t a pretty sight. We were told to go back inside and sleep after it was deemed that there was no fire and no cause for the alarm to go off. A true mystery.
The next morning I woke up and for one of the first times in my life there were dark circles under my eyes. So not a pleasant adventure, but certainly an entertaining story.
Adventure #2
Tropical Storm Gordon (Formerly Hurricane Gordon) is now over Jackson and as much as I’m thoroughly enjoying walking in the pouring rain, I just left the caf/dining commons/student union center thing and there is a lot of students huddling in their various rain gear miserably like a bunch of refugees from the storm and it would be funny if it weren’t so sad. Also apparently Demi’s classes today were cancelled but none of mine were. Sigh.
Adventure #3
This happened a few days ago, but me n my new musical theater major pal were hanging out in the lobby of her dorm building painting, and watching newsies because duh, musical theater major, and apparently her building has a crazy amount of fellow MT majors and they were all extoverted and they were all crazy about newsies, so like a few minutes in and a small crowd had gathered to watch with us.
Her buliding’s lobby is set up like an atrium, where the lobby is the atrium and there is a spiral staircase going up out of it to other floors.
When the movie ended, this one girl I kid you not starts parkouring up the outside of the staircase up to her floor.
Adventure #4
My dorm building attracts most of the artsy types. I was walking up the staircase (My building is so old that there is no elevators. However there are two staircases.) And most of the music majors are on the third and top floor because that’s where the soundproof practices are. (I’m on the second floor)
And I’m walking up, and I here two of the most angelic voices I’ve ever heard echoing around the cinderblock walls on the inside of the stairwell in a duet.
I’ve never met the owners of the voices, and I’m kind of afraid to ask around but that moment will haunt me with the most surreal feeling I’ve felt in a long time.

I make art with the help of my mom, feat. my little brother

Over memorial day, we were at the cemetery to visit my grandmother’s grave. We decided to take a series of pictures representing the 5 stages of grief.

1. Denial

2. Bargaining

3. Anger

4. Depression

5. Acceptance


What are the odds?

At SYC the other day we were bored at lunch and so we played What Are The Odds?

I lost and so I had to yell “door!” everytime I went through a door. And when I forgot, I had to do a dance and song of apology.

This consisted me pantomiming opening and closing a door and singing “Door, I’m so sorry I forgot to say your name!” To whatever tune was stuck in my head at the moment. This lasted for the entire rest of the day and through until after lunch the following day.

My cartoon addiction

If anyone wants to check out the shows that fuel my cartoon addiction the list is:

  • Miraculous Ladybug*
  • Voltron: Legendary Defender (2016)*
  • Big Hero 6 the series
  • Young Justice
  • Inspector Gadget (2015)*
  • Gravity Falls
  • Avatar the last Airbender
  • Batman the animated series
  • My Hero Academia
  • Carmen Sandiego (2019)*

-will add onto the list as it grows

I will probably be making individual introductions to the shows cause I get really excited about them.

*are on netflix